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Tomorrow.City In the city of tomorrow, is a year-round, content oriented platform. provide all kinds of resources combining research, technology and investment for major companies and public administration departments all year round. It is also a global digital centre designed to promote a sustainable and inclusive city for all. The platform will focus on four different areas of action: digital content, training, knowledge and business.

Tomorrow.City The city of tomorrow is also a place to position itself as a professional field and brand benchmark, and to use the potential of our global diversified community to attract professionals and ordinary audiences. it provides search channels for high-end media reports, industry trend information, solution content, and professional meetings with cross industry leaders.

Attract more audience willing to listen

With our global contact database with professional categories, you can improve your influence in professional fields and gain their professional recognition in two days.

Our community includes more than 60000 experts from different industries around the world, as well as an influential network of more than 75 media partners and more than 600 journalists. This not only covers the influence data of last year, but also expands our footprint and influence this year. *Net recommendation score > is a widely accepted measurement score, which is mainly used to measure the possibility of an individual recommending products or services to friends or colleagues in the industry (range 0-10). The net sponsor's score ranges from - 100 to + 100. The average value of visitors and exhibitors in Europe is - 5.8%. ( www.explori.com/nps-explained )
**Kred influence is an evaluation of the ability to stimulate interactive behavior. The full score was 1000( www.home.kred )

Cooperation with high level institutions

We cooperate with leading organizations and institutions in the world to form a global cooperation network for urban and social development to strengthen our international influence.

Supporting institutions:
Strategic Cooperation Organization:
A 365 day active global platform

A 365 day active global platform with knowledge, research and technology
The global smart city conference community, which is combined with business, also participated in the event,
the conference was held in Beijing Accelerate sustainable and inclusive cities for all.

We will select solutions around the world throughout the year, asking for solutions that can provide an innovative ecosystem, get in touch with participants and find new solutions to meet the most urgent challenges.
On the other hand, we will constantly update our digital product portfolio to show the bravest technologies, prototypes and market-oriented solutions.
We provide partners with the opportunity to lead urban innovation by understanding and demonstrating truly influential
start-up solutions or highlighting their success stories.

Agenda for 2021

Tomorrow. City products

    activity The city of tomorrow

  • Expert forum

    Focus on the most critical issues facing the city and introduce the specific challenges related to the industry The latest innovation or development of the war.

  • Online peripheral activities

    Provide a platform for partners to organize their own online meetings and invite our Community members participate together.


  • Global solution selection

    Open call for a set of effective innovative solutions and potential partners.

  • Tomorrow's city radar

    Tomorrow's city · radar is the coolest place to show excellent solutions / technology products to the world It's a little tool of the game.

    News and voice

  • Tomorrow's city magazine

    Tomorrow city magazine, a digital magazine, contains the true story of the new city and overcomes its face The wisest idea to face the challenge.

  • Tomorrow's city Podcast

    Start with an open and challenging question, and start with the main urban topics Have an exciting conversation.

    Talent Valley

  • Tomorrow's city · talent Valley

    Online learning platform, including topics and specific topics about innovation and smart city Module.

  • Tomorrow's city online seminar

    Participate in online seminars to enhance participants' technical understanding and skills, and develop future projects for partners, providing cooperation and business opportunities

Focus on us

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